Happy day 1.3. Dama and Ralli got puppies; two beautiful boys! Names will be Funfun Red Dram ja Funfun Star Boy .

LAHTI 28.1. Baby puppy show, judging mr Harry Tast. Funfun Coco Fansine BOB and Funfun Coco Obelix BOS.

LAHTI 29.1. Baby puppy show, judging mr Antti Nieminen; Funfun Coco Fansine BOB and Funfun Coco Obelix BOS pentu.

Funfun Coco Fansine "VIUHTI" is our new member of funfun group.... She is co-owned with Sari Judinin kanssa yhteisomistuksessa. And the other new one from Tsechk is Etienne

2016 serra de aires competition top10:

1. Etienne Moravia Tauri 42p
2. Jolly-Dollyn Dazzling Candy Witch 6p
1. Funfun Suklaa Unelma 55p
2. Gira Da Quinta D'abroeira 52p
3. Jolly-Dollyn Koh-I-Noor 48p
4. Jolly-Dollyn knight Of Space 44p
5. Gladlystones Aigo Agis 42p
6. Jolly-Dollyn Dazzling Candy Witch 23p
7. Etienne Moravia Tauri 20p 
8. Jolly-Dollyn Crystal Rock Candy 19p



FIRST dog show was LAHTI groupshow 17.1.2016 and Unelma opened it with style: BOB + Group4!!

Päivi and Unelma
BIG4 | Photos: Jenni Niittylä