We live in countryside; in a small village Anttola and the nearest town is Mikkeli - our home is located ~30 km from Mikkeli to Imatra (to East).

This is the true country where I race all coming  Funfun - kids. :)

Main point is to breed dogs for friends and for hobby, if you want to go into Dog Shows - it all would be "Bonus" for me and to owner. :)=)

I try to keep in my breeding an idea of basic cao da serra de aires without emphasizeing something specific.
Health is number one, character open and lively, coat easy to take care of, well moving beautifull dogs who are pleasure to own and with who are joy to live  with..... And there have been quite a lot succes with Funfun kids; they have got along in dogshows, obedience, agility... and also they have been quite healthy also...

It was 1989 when I started with dogs; the first dog was a rough collie from Posio. After a while agility and obedience was the "things" I was keen on - the best resultant in obedience was 5th place in Finnish Champion competition!  Polski owzarek nizinny was the second breed; she came from Sweden and she was the first "polski" who had a tail and was competiting in obedience almost with full scores...

I have bred also few litters of rough collies and a pon litter. Kennelname FunFun I got 7.2.1994. The name Funfun is much like me; life is not too serious, keep smiling and have fun - it keeps your mind happy. :)

The first cao da serra de aires who came to Finland was  Mona Lisa de Alvaiazere,"Caru" and she came to kennel Funfun 1994. I waited the puppy over a year and we corresponded with the breeder a lot. I definitely wanted a puppy from a pedgiree where are lot of working sheepdogs... Caru´s both parents were working "goat shepherds". 

I am very happy that Caru was 101 % worth of what I wanted from the foundation bitch: healthy, exc. temperament and her offspring has a lot of "that something", which of FUNFUN breeding is known...
Caru´s both parents where working dogs; herding goats.